Want to Visit Grants Pass? Start Your Vacation By Staying Over at a Top Grants Pass Hotel

One visitor who made his resolve to stay over at one of the favorite Grants Pass hotels, the Redwood Hyperion Suites, was on the way to a family friend all the way from California. He truly enjoyed his stay and had a fantastic time. What impressed him most was the super friendly and helpful attitude of the staff members. They provided him with endless ideas on what to do around town. He would definitely stay there again and highly recommend visitors to Grants Pass to do the same.

To add to that, when you visit the Redwood Hotel, you can expect comfortable beds, clean bedding, grounds that are well-maintained and a pool that is always inviting to cool yourself in. Furthermore, the location itself is ideal for engaging in numerous activities around the Rogue Valley.

When you ask management how they get it right to keep the grounds to clean and looking great, they say its thanks to the personal landscaping contractor they use. His team works very hard to ensure it always stay beautiful.

Is it any wonder if you consider that this particular hotel in the Grants Pass region has easy access to local restaurants, shops and a variety of tourist attractions.

All suites and upscale rooms can be viewed online and booked with the click of a button. Guests can be assured of super excellent service at all times. After all, the Redwood has been awarded 5 diamonds for its various amenities and landscapes.

Some of the best hotel features include; free parking, pool, Workout Room, Fitness Centre that is equipped with a gym, aircon, Spa, high-speed internet, breakfast, business center, heated pool, microwave, hot tub, conference facilities, and so much more.

If you are on your way to Crater Lake or anywhere else in the vicinity, then you should definitely stay over at this top rated hotel. You will discover the ground are very well kept, love the small waterfall surrounding different areas of the property at the Redwood Hyperion as well as find the rooms you stay in to be spic and span. The staff always received kudos from everyone for being professional and friendly.

The town is a beautiful place that boasts a host of antique stores where one can get lost in your own world.

One can expect an enjoyable eating experience at places like Twisted Cork, Black Best Diner, or Taprock.

Around Josephine County and the Rogue Valley, you will find some gems that everyone will enjoy. The entire area is restful and quiet where you get to experience the wild and scenic Rogue River.

When you lodge at one of the conveniently located hotels in Grants Pass, you can visit most attractions without too much trouble as they are within an hour commute.

Some of the hotels in the region would even offer shuttle services to famous landmarks close by. Besides, the Applegate and Rogue River have received a lot of praise for its trout, bass, and salmon fishing activities.

What is more, the city of Ashland is a mere 45-minutes away from Grants Pass where you will come across the famous Shakespeare Festival. Wine lovers may want to pay a visit to the Applegate or Rogue Valleys and enjoy some top rated wines.

Hikers will soon find their way to favorite hiking trails like Mt Ashland, Mt McLoughlin, and Crater Lake which has been mentioned already. Then again, Table Rock offers some of the best natural sceneries and views of the Rogue River and Valley. All the hiking paths around here have been adequately maintained and are super easy to follow.

Explorers may want to head a couple of mile to the North of Grants Pass, just off the I-5 Highway in Galice Road where they’ll discover incredible views of Hellgate Canyon and be able to admire some of the best-designed bridges around. Towards the end of this road, you can engage in a 3-mile hike if you so wish to Rainey Falls. Just be sure that someone knows your plans and where you will be at all times for your own safety.

So, if you are on the lookout for an incredible place to visit that also offers you a gateway to other attractions, then you should consider Grants Pass where you can stay over at the best Grants Pass hotels.